Avoiding the Loss of Fighter Chicken Feather

Feb 09, 2021 COCK FIGHTING

Avoiding the Loss of Fighter Chicken Feather

Avoiding the Loss of Fighter Chicken Feather – Maybe you have read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a reliable source, here’s how to avoid the loss of a fighter’s chicken feathers in cockfighting gambling.

How to deal with Bangkok chicken feathers that often fall out during treatment. of course if you take care of your chickens, you often find chicken feathers falling from their bodies. this cannot be left unchecked. You have to pay close attention to the condition of your Chicken feathers.

The feather loss on the Bangkok Fighting Chickens / other fighting chickens is not caused by disease, but naturally Chicken feathers will fall out and be replaced by new feathers. Chickens that lose their feathers are usually caused by old chicken feathers that do not get nutrients from the skin.

If the chicken is not shedding feathers, it could be that the chicken has a disease. what we should pay attention to and worry about is when the chicken does not have hair loss, because the chicken really needs to shed its feathers to replace it with new feathers.

Ways To Prevent Chicken Feather Loss:

The following are some tips to speed up the process of chicken feather loss which the admin successfully summarized through the news collection / Cockfighting Forum.
Prepare a closed cage which will later be used to isolate the cockerel. This process is carried out in approximately one week.

  • Give chicken food from rebon shrimp or you can also use shrimp paste. Then enter the chicken into the cage which has been covered with a cloth.
  • During the isolation period, the cage hood should not be open, except when feeding the Chickens only and do not clean the Chicken droppings. The goal is to keep the rooster that is moulting warm in the cage and shedding of feathers on the chicken begins.
  • If within one week the Chicken’s feathers have fallen out, let the Chicken come out of the cage and clean the cage from dirt.
  • Give the Chicken fish oil at a dose of every three days so that the hair that grows later will look smooth and shiny.
  • Give vitamin B once every two days.
  • In accelerating the process of moulting chickens, they must be given staple food in the form of factory feed. For example, poer 594 so that the chicken’s body is getting stronger.
  • After going through the process of growing feathers, we will solidify the chicken again by providing food with brown rice and a mixture of corn.